Baby Girl Names Starting With N

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NameGenderMeaning Religion Origin
NadiaGirl HopefulIslamPersian
NalaGirl belovedIslamArabic
NalaniGirl Quiet skiesChristianityHawaiian
NancyGirl GraceChristianity, JudaismIrish
NaomiGirl pleasantnessChristianityHebrew
NayeliGirl beginningsChristianityNative American
NevaehUnisexChild from heavenChristianityAmerican
NiaGirl PricelessChristianityGreek
NicoleGirl WinningChristianity, JudaismFrench
NinaGirl Lovely eyedChristianity, Judaism, and HinduismHebrew
NoaGirl ChosenChristianity, JudaismHebrew
NoemiGirl pleasantnessChristianityHebrew
NolaGirl SensualChristianity, JudaismLatin
NoorUnisexlightIslam Arabic
NoraGirl lightChristianity, Judaism, and Islam Greek
NorahGirl lightChristianity, Judaism, and Islam Greek
NoriGirl PeacefulChristianity, JudaismHebrew
NovaGirl EnergeticChristianityLatin
NovahGirl EnergeticChristianityLatin
NovaleeGirl new fieldChristianityAmerican
NylaGirl SuccessfulChristianity, Judaism, and Islam Arabic
NylahGirl SuccessfulChristianity, Judaism, and Islam Arabic
NyomiGirl pleasantnessChristianityHebrew

The letter “N” exudes novelty, elegance, and timeless beauty, making it a perfect choice for your baby girl’s name. Our curated collection features a diverse array of names with unique stories and significance. Whether you’re drawn to classic names, modern trends, or delightfully unique names, our collection caters to a variety of preferences.

Explore the meanings, origins, and religions of each name to forge a deeper connection with the stories and sentiments they hold. We believe that a name is not just a word; it’s a reflection of identity, heritage, and dreams. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable exploration, ensuring you find the perfect “N” name that resonates with your heart.

The letter “N” for baby girl names whispers grace, new beginnings, and a touch of quiet nobility. We also provide insights about notable individuals who share the same initial, providing inspiration for your baby girl’s unique journey. Our collection is thoughtfully curated to meet your preferences, bringing joy, inspiration, and excitement as you embark on the journey of naming your precious baby girl.

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