Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Welcome to our baby name haven, where the magic of baby girl names starting with M unfolds in a symphony of meaning and charm.

NameGender Meaning Religion Origin
MabelGirl Well lovedChristianity, JudaismLatin
MaciGirl Gift of GodChristianityFrench
MacieGirl Gift of GodChristianityFrench
MadalynGirl High goalsChristianityGreek
MaddieGirl Battle maidenChristianityEnglish
MaddisonUnisexGood heartedChristianityEnglish
MadeleineGirl High mindedChristianityFrench
MadelineGirl Strength givingChristianityGreek
MadelynGirl High towerChristianityGreek
MadelynnGirl High towerChristianityGreek
MadilynGirl From magdalaChristianityHebrew
MadilynnGirl From magdalaChristianityHebrew
MadisonUnisexGood heartedChristianityEnglish
MaeGirl Bright flowerChristianityEnglish
MaeveGirl IntoxicatingChristianityIrish
MagdalenaGirl From magdalaChristianityGerman
MaggieGirl BestChristianityGreek
MagnoliaGirl FloweringChristianityFrench
MaiaGirl FertileChristianityGreek
MaisieGirl TreasureChristianity, JudaismScottish
MaisyGirl TreasureChristianity, JudaismScottish
MakaylaGirl MagicalChristianityAmerican
MakennaUnisexHappy ChristianityIrish
MalaniGirl SkyChristianityHawaiian
MalayaGirl A forestHinduismSanskrit
MaleahGirl CalmChristianityHawaiian
MaliaGirl ThoughtfulChristianityHebrew
MalloryUnisexTough mindedChristianityGerman
MaraGirl BitterChristianityGreek
MarcelineGirl ArgumentativeChristianityLatin
MarenGirl Ocean loverChristianity, JudaismAmerican
MargaretGirl Pure spiritedChristianityGreek
MargoGirl Child of lightChristianityLatin
MargotGirl LivelyChristianityFrench
MariaGirl BelovedChristianityHebrew
MariahGirl God is my teacherChristianityHebrew
MariamGirl BelovedChristianity, Islam Hebrew
MarianaGirl BitterChristianityLatin
MariannaGirl GraceChristianityLatin
MarieGirl From MaryChristianityLatin
MarigoldGirl FlowerChristianityEnglish
MarilynGirl Fond spiritedChristianityHebrew
MarinaGirl SeaChristianityLatin
MarisolGirl StunningChristianitySpanish
MarleeGirl GuardedChristianity, JudaismGreek
MarleighGirl A form of marleneChristianityEnglish
MarthaGirl LadyChristianity
MaryGirl BitternessChristianityHebrew
MaryamGirl BitterIslam Arabic
MatildaGirl Powerful fighterChristianityGerman
MavisUnisexThrushChristianity, JudaismFrench
MaxineGirl Greatest of allChristianity, JudaismLatin
MeadowGirl CalmChristianityEnglish
MeganGirl PreciousChristianityIrish
MeilaniGirl DarkChristianityHawaiian
MelanieGirl DarkChristianityGreek
MelanyGirl DarkChristianityGreek
MelinaGirl SweetChristianity, JudaismGreek
MelissaGirl HoneyChristianityGreek
MelodyGirl MusicalChristianity, JudaismGreek
MeredithUnisex ProtectorChristianity, JudaismWelsh
MiaGirl BlessedChristianityItalian
MichaelaGirl God lovingChristianityHebrew
MichelleGirl God lovingChristianityHebrew
MikaelaGirl God lovingChristianityHebrew
MikaylaGirl God lovingChristianityHebrew
MilaGirl Dear oneChristianityRussian
MilanaGirl FavoredChristianityItalian
MilaniGirl Gentle caressChristianityAmerican
MilenaGirl Loving ChristianityGreek
MillieGirl A familiar form of ameliaChristianityGerman
MiraGirl WonderfulChristianityLatin
MirandaGirl WonderfulChristianityLatin
MiriamGirl BitterChristianity, Islam Hebrew
MollyGirl JovialChristianityIrish
MonicaGirl AloneChristianityGreek
MorganUnisexConfidentChristianity, JudaismWelsh
MyaGirl UncertainChristianityGreek
MylaGirl ForgivingChristianityEnglish
MylahGirl ForgivingChristianityFrench
MyraGirl BelovedChristianityLatin

Our carefully curated collection showcases a diverse array of names, each with its unique story and significance. Whether you’re drawn to classic names with enduring appeal, modern trends reflecting contemporary tastes, or uniquely unique names, our collection is designed to cater to a variety of preferences.

Explore the meanings, origins, and religions of each name to forge a deeper connection with the stories and sentiments they hold. We believe that a name is not just a word; it’s a reflection of identity, heritage, and dreams. Our user-friendly interface ensures that you find the perfect “M” name that resonates with your heart.

The letter “M” for baby girl names evokes a sense of magic, melody, and mischief. To add a personal touch, delve into insights about notable individuals who share the same initial, providing inspiration for your baby girl’s unique journey. Our collection has been thoughtfully curated to meet your preferences, bringing joy, inspiration, and excitement as you embark on the journey of naming your precious baby girl.

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