United States Baby Boy Names Starting With R

NameGender Meaning Religion Origin
Rafael BoyRenewedChristianity Hebrew
Ramon BoyCounselChristianity American
Randy BoyThe wolf shieldChristianity English
Raphael BoyGod has healedJudaism, Christianity and IslamHebrew
Raul BoySensualJudaism, Christianity French
Ray BoyRoyalJudaism, Christianity French
Rayan BoyDoor Of HeavenIslamArabic
Rayden BoyWiseChristianity German
Raylan BoyWiseChristianity American
Raymond BoyStrongJudaism, Christianity French
Reece BoyStreamJudaism, Christianity English
Reed BoyReed Judaism, Christianity English
Reese BoyVivaciousJudaism, Christianity American
Reid BoyReid Judaism, Christianity English
Reign BoyRuleChristianity American
Remi BoyFun lovingJudaismFrench
Remington BoyRaven estateChristianity English
Rene BoyHopefulJudaism, Christianity Latin
Reuben BoyBeholdChristianity Hebrew
Rex BoyKinglyJudaism, Christianity Greek
Rey BoyOf the kingsChristianity Spanish
Rhett BoySmall streamChristianity English
Ricardo BoySnappyJudaism, Christianity Spanish
Richard BoyWealthy leaderJudaism, Christianity Greek
Ricky BoyRickChristianity French
Ridge BoyRisk takerChristianity English
Riggs BoyRiggs Christianity English
Riley BoyLivelyChristianity Irish
Rio BoyWater lovingJudaism, Christianity Spanish
Robert BoyBrilliantJudaism, Christianity English
Roberto BoyBright and famousChristianity Spanish
Robin BoyGregariousChristianity English
Rocco BoyToughChristianity Italian
Rocky BoyRocky Christianity English
Rodney BoyOpen mindedJudaism, Christianity German
Rodrigo BoyFeisty leaderChristianity Spanish
Roger BoyFamed warriorChristianity German
Rohan BoyPrettyHinduism, Christianity Sanskrit
Roland BoyRenownedJudaism, Christianity German
Roman BoyFun lovingChristianity Latin
Rome BoyCitizen of RomeChristianity Latin
Romeo BoyRomantic LoverChristianity Italian
Ronald BoyHelpfulChristianity English
RonaldoBoyRuler with counselChristianity Norse
Ronan BoyLittle sealChristianity Irish
Rory BoyStrongChristianity German
Rowan BoyLittle red headChristianity Irish
Rowen BoyRowen Christianity American
Roy BoyKingJudaism, Christianity French
Royal BoyKingJudaism, Christianity French
Royce BoyAffluentJudaism, Christianity English
Ruben BoyA sonChristianity Spanish
Russell BoyCharmerChristianity French
Ryan BoyGood lookingChristianity Irish
Ryatt BoyRyatt Christianity American
Ryder BoyOutdoorsyChristianity English
Rylan BoyRylan Christianity English
Ryland BoyExcellentChristianity English

Baby boy names starting with R possess an undeniable charm, strength, and versatility, which explains their enduring popularity as a choice for baby names. Within this letter lies a treasure trove of unique, beautiful, and meaningful names that are sure to captivate your heart.

Embark on a journey through the ages, where timeless classics like Rachel and Robert stand as testaments to tradition and grace. Immerse yourself in the allure of the modern era with names like Riley and Ruby, where contemporary trends seamlessly blend with timeless elegance.

The letter “R” unveils a rich tapestry of meanings and origins, with each name telling a distinct story of resilience, romance, and individuality.

Allow the letter “R” to serve as your radiant guide on this enchanting expedition, where each name becomes a celebration of identity and love.

Begin your exploration today and uncover the perfect name that will weave a beautiful story throughout your child’s lifetime. Embrace the remarkable and radiant essence that the letter “R” brings to the world of baby names.

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