Baby Boy Names Starting With R

NameMeaning Religion Origin
Rafael RenewedChristianity Hebrew
Ramon CounselChristianity American
Randy The wolf shieldChristianity English
Raphael God has healedJudaism, Christianity and IslamHebrew
Raul SensualJudaism, Christianity French
Ray RoyalJudaism, Christianity French
Rayan Door Of HeavenIslamArabic
Rayden WiseChristianity German
Raylan WiseChristianity American
Raymond StrongJudaism, Christianity French
Reece StreamJudaism, Christianity English
Reed Reed Judaism, Christianity English
Reese VivaciousJudaism, Christianity American
Reid Reid Judaism, Christianity English
Reign RuleChristianity American
Remi Fun lovingJudaismFrench
Remington Raven estateChristianity English
Rene HopefulJudaism, Christianity Latin
Reuben BeholdChristianity Hebrew
Rex KinglyJudaism, Christianity Greek
Rey Of the kingsChristianity Spanish
Rhett Small streamChristianity English
Ricardo SnappyJudaism, Christianity Spanish
Richard Wealthy leaderJudaism, Christianity Greek
Ricky RickChristianity French
Ridge Risk takerChristianity English
Riggs Riggs Christianity English
Riley LivelyChristianity Irish
Rio Water lovingJudaism, Christianity Spanish
Robert BrilliantJudaism, Christianity English
Roberto Bright and famousChristianity Spanish
Robin GregariousChristianity English
Rocco ToughChristianity Italian
Rocky Rocky Christianity English
Rodney Open mindedJudaism, Christianity German
Rodrigo Feisty leaderChristianity Spanish
Roger Famed warriorChristianity German
Rohan PrettyHinduism, Christianity Sanskrit
Roland RenownedJudaism, Christianity German
Roman Fun lovingChristianity Latin
Rome Citizen of RomeChristianity Latin
Romeo Romantic LoverChristianity Italian
Ronald HelpfulChristianity English
RonaldoRuler with counselChristianity Norse
Ronan Little sealChristianity Irish
Rory StrongChristianity German
Rowan Little red headChristianity Irish
Rowen Rowen Christianity American
Roy KingJudaism, Christianity French
Royal KingJudaism, Christianity French
Royce AffluentJudaism, Christianity English
Ruben A sonChristianity Spanish
Russell CharmerChristianity French
Ryan Good lookingChristianity Irish
Ryatt Ryatt Christianity American
Ryder OutdoorsyChristianity English
Rylan Rylan Christianity English
Ryland ExcellentChristianity English

Baby boy names starting with R possess an undeniable charm, strength, and versatility, which explains their enduring popularity as a choice for baby names. Within this letter lies a treasure trove of unique, beautiful, and meaningful names that are sure to captivate your heart.

Embark on a journey through the ages, where timeless classics like Rachel and Robert stand as testaments to tradition and grace. Immerse yourself in the allure of the modern era with names like Riley and Ruby, where contemporary trends seamlessly blend with timeless elegance.

The letter “R” unveils a rich tapestry of meanings and origins, with each name telling a distinct story of resilience, romance, and individuality.

Allow the letter “R” to serve as your radiant guide on this enchanting expedition, where each name becomes a celebration of identity and love.

Begin your exploration today and uncover the perfect name that will weave a beautiful story throughout your child’s lifetime. Embrace the remarkable and radiant essence that the letter “R” brings to the world of baby names.

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