Baby Boy Names Starting With O

NameMeaning Religion Origin
Oakley StrongChristianityEnglish
Oliver Man of peaceChristianity, JudaismLatin
Omar Long livedIslamArabic
Omari Long livedIslamArabic
Onyx Onyx ChristianityEnglish
Orion Fiery HunterChristianityGreek
Orlando Famous landChristianityItalian
Osman Servant of GodIslamArabic
Otis IntuitiveChristianity, JudaismGreek
Otto WealthyChristianity, JudaismGerman
Owen Young warriorChristianity, JudaismCeltic
Ozzy God’s powerChristianity, JudaismGerman

Baby boy names starting with O are a letter that exudes optimism and outgoingness, making them a popular choice for baby names.

With a plethora of beautiful and meaningful names that start with this letter, you are sure to find the perfect name for your little one.

Take a stroll through the timeless classics of Olivia and Oliver, where tradition meets grace that endures. Or, immerse yourself in the modern allure of names like Owen and Olivia, where contemporary trends blend seamlessly with timeless elegance.

The letter “O” reveals a diverse tapestry of meanings and origins, with each name telling a unique story of individuality, openness, and optimism.

Allow the letter “O” to be your guiding light on this enchanting journey, where each name is a celebration of love and identity.

Begin your exploration today and discover the perfect name that will weave a beautiful story for your child’s lifetime. Embrace the originality and optimism that the letter “O” brings to the world of baby names.

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