United States Baby Boy Names Starting With M

NameGender Meaning Religion Origin
Mac BoyFriendlyChristianityIrish
Mack BoySon of macChristianityLatin
Maddox BoyGivingChristianityEnglish
Magnus BoyOutstandingJudaismLatin
Malcolm BoyDoveChristianityArabic
Manuel BoyGod is with usChristianityHebrew
Marcel BoyYoung WarriorChristianityFrench
Marcellus BoyLittle marcusChristianityLatin
Marcelo BoyLittle marcusChristianityLatin
Marco BoyTenderChristianityItalian
Mario BoyMasculineChristianityItalian
Marlon BoyStrangeChristianity, JudaismFrench
Marshall Boycaretaker of horsesChristianityFrench
Martin BoyCombativeChristianityLatin
Marvin BoyFriend of the seaChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Mason BoyDligentChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Mateo BoyGiftChristianityItalian
Mathew BoyGift of GodChristianityHebrew
Mathias BoyGift of GodChristianity, JudaismHebrew
Matias BoyGift of GodChristianity, JudaismHebrew
Matteo BoyGift of GodChristianityHebrew
Matthew BoyGift of GodChristianityHebrew
Matthias BoyGift of GodChristianity, JudaismHebrew
Mauricio BoyDarkChristianityItalian
Maverick BoyMaverick ChristianityEnglish
Max BoyBestChristianityLatin
Maximilian BoyMost wonderfulChristianityLatin
Maximiliano BoyGreatestChristianityLatin
Maximo BoyGreatestChristianityLatin
Maximus BoyGreatestChristianityLatin
Maxton BoyMaxton Christianity, JudaismEnglish
Maxwell BoyFull of excellenceChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Mccoy BoyJauntyChristianityIrish
Melvin BoyFriendlyChristianityEnglish
Micah BoyWho resembles God?ChristianityHebrew
Michael BoyWho is like God?Christianity, Judaism, and IslamHebrew
Miguel BoyWho resembles God?ChristianityPortuguese
Milan BoyBelovedHinduismSanskrit
Miles BoyWho is like God?ChristianityLatin
Miller BoyPracticalChristianityEnglish
Milo BoySoft-heartedChristianityGerman
Mitchell BoyWho is like God?ChristianityHebrew
Mohamed BoyPraiseworthyIslamArabic
Mohammad BoyPraiseworthyIslamArabic
Mohammed BoyPraiseworthyIslamArabic
Moises BoyDrawn from the waterChristianityHebrew
Morgan UnisexConfidentChristianity, JudaismWelsh
Moses BoyDrawn from the waterChristianity, Judaism, and IslamEgyptian
Muhammad BoyPraiseworthyIslamArabic
Murphy UnisexFighterChristianityIrish
Musa BoyDrawn from the waterIslamArabic
Mustafa BoychosenIslamArabic
Myles UnisexSoldierChristianityGerman
Mylo BoySoldierChristianitySlavic

Baby boy names starting with M hold a position of great significance and grandeur, which explains their popularity as a choice for baby names.

There exists a plethora of exquisite and meaningful names that commence with the letter “M,” ensuring that you will undoubtedly discover the ideal name for your precious little one.

Embark on a captivating voyage through the annals of time, where you will encounter timeless classics like Michael and Mia. These names effortlessly blend tradition with enduring elegance, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who bear them.

Alternatively, immerse yourself in the contemporary allure of names such as Mason and Madison, where modern trends seamlessly intertwine with timeless sophistication.

The letter “M” unravels a rich tapestry of diverse meanings and origins, with each name narrating a distinctive tale of resilience, beauty, and individuality. Allow the letter “M” to serve as your guiding star on this enchanting expedition, where every name becomes a celebration of identity and love.

Embark on this exploration today and unearth the perfect name that will weave a captivating narrative throughout your child’s lifetime. Embrace the magnificence and enchantment that the letter “M” bestows upon the realm of baby names.

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