United States Baby Boy Names Starting With H

NameGender Meaning Religion Origin
Hamza BoyStrongIslamArabic
Hank Boyhome rulerChristianityGerman
Harlan BoyFrom the armyChristianityEnglish
Harlem BoyChristianityAmerican
Harley BoyWild thingChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Harold BoyFamous personChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Harrison BoyAdventurerChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Harry Boyhome rulerChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Harvey BoyFighterChristianity, JudaismGerman
Hasan BoyhandsomeIslamArabic
Hassan BoyhandsomeIslamArabic
Hayden BoyRespectfulChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Hayes BoyOpenChristianityEnglish
Heath BoyHealthyChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Hector BoyLoyalChristianity, JudaismGreek
Hendrix BoyHome rulerChristianityEnglish
Henrik BoyHome rulerChristianityGerman
Henry BoyHome rulerChristianityGerman
Hezekiah BoyGod strengthensChristianityHebrew
Holden BoyGraciousChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Houston BoyHouston ChristianityEnglish
Hudson BoyExplorerChristianityEnglish
Hugh BoyIntelligentChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Hugo BoyMindChristianityGerman
Hunter BoyAdventurerChristianityEnglish
Huxley BoyOutdoorsmanChristianityEnglish

Baby boy names starting with H are like a ray of sunshine, spreading happiness and hope wherever they go. It’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice for baby names. There’s a whole world of beautiful and meaningful names that start with “H” waiting to be discovered.

Take a step back in time and explore timeless classics like Hannah and Henry. These names have a touch of elegance and tradition that never goes out of style. Or dive into the modern world with names like Harper and Harrison, where contemporary trends meet the world of baby names.

Each name starting with “H” has its own unique story to tell. They’re filled with hope, happiness, and individuality. Let the letter “H” be your guiding star on this magical journey of finding the perfect name for your little one.

Start your exploration today and uncover the name that will create a beautiful story for your child’s lifetime. Embrace the history and heart that the letter “H” brings to the world of baby names. It’s a letter that’s full of joy and possibilities.

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