United States Baby Boy Names Starting With E

NameGender Meaning Religion Origin
Easton BoyFrom the East TownChristianityEnglish
Eddie BoyProsperous warriorChristianityEnglish
Eden BoyPleasureChristianityHebrew
Edgar BoySuccessChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Edison BoySmartChristianityEnglish
Eduardo BoyFlirtatiousChristianitySpanish
Edward BoyDefenderChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Edwin BoyHappyChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Eithan Boy StrengthChristianityHebrew
Elias BoyThe lord is my godChristianity, Judaism, and IslamHebrew
Elijah BoyThe lord is my godChristianity, Judaism, and IslamHebrew
Elio BoySunChristianityItalian
Eliseo BoyDaringChristianityHebrew
Elliot BoyThe lord is my godChristianityHebrew
Elliott BoyThe lord is my godChristianityHebrew
Ellis BoyDevoutChristianityEnglish
Emanuel BoyGod is with usChristianityHebrew
Emerson BoyAbleChristianity, JudaismGerman
Emery BoyHardworking leaderChristianity, JudaismGerman
Emiliano BoyEagerChristianitySpanish
Emilio BoyExcellingChristianitySpanish
Emir BoyRulerIslamArabic
Emmanuel BoyGod is with usChristianityHebrew
Emmett BoySincereChristianityHebrew
Emmitt BoyTruthChristianityGerman
Enoch BoyDedicatedChristianityHebrew
Enzo BoyFun-lovingChristianityItalian
Eric BoyPowerful leaderChristianityNorse
Erick BoyPowerful leaderChristianityNorse
Erik BoyLovableChristianityPolish
Ermias BoyGod will riseChristianityAfrican
Ernesto BoySincereChristianitySpanish
Esteban BoyCrownChristianitySpanish
Ethan BoyStrongChristianityHebrew
Eugene BoyA wellborn manChristianityGreek
Evan BoyGod is graciousChristianityIrish
Evander BoyChampionChristianityGreek
Everest BoyEverest ChristianityAmerican
Everett BoyWarriorChristianity, JudaismEnglish
Ezekiel BoyStrength of GodChristianityHebrew
Ezequiel BoyDevoutChristianitySpanish

Baby boy names starting with E exude an air of elegance and sophistication, making them a popular choice for baby names. With a plethora of beautiful and meaningful names that start with this letter, you are bound to find the perfect name for your little one.

Whether you are drawn to names that reflect cultural richness, such as Elena and Elijah, or prefer names that encompass a diverse range of inspirations from around the world, our extensive database has an abundance of options to cater to every taste and preference.

Allow the letter “E” to be your guiding light on this enchanting journey, where each name becomes a celebration of identity and love.

Start your exploration today and uncover the ideal name that will weave a captivating story for your child’s lifetime. Embrace the elegance and excitement that the letter “E” brings to the world of baby names.

We are committed to guiding you at every stage. If there are any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are pleased to offer our assistance without delay. 

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