Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Baker who bakes breadChristianityEnglish
Barrett strong as a bearVarious religiousEnglish
Baylor Horse trainerChristianityEnglish
Bear The BearChristianityGerman
Beau Handsome ChristianityFrench
Beckett MethodicalChristianityEnglish
Beckham homestead by the streamChristianityEnglish
Bellamy handsome friendChristianityFrench
Ben sonChristianityHebrew
Benedict Blessed manChristianityLatin
Benicio BlessedChristianityLatin
Benjamin Son of the right handJudaism, Christianity, and IslamHebrew
Bennett BlessedChristianityFrench
Benson Excellent sonChristianityAmerican
Bentley CleverChristianityEnglish
Bjorn BearChristianitySwedish
Blake Dark and handsomeChristianityEnglish
Blaze BlazingChristianityLatin
Bode OrderChristianityGerman
Boden HeraldChristianityFrench
Bodhi AwakeningBuddhismSanskrit
Bodie shelterChristianityScandinavian
Boone A good personChristianityFrench
Boston A form of bosleyChristianityAmerican
Bowen ShyChristianityWelsh
Braden WideChristianityEnglish
Bradley ExpansiveChristianityEnglish
Brady Spirited childChristianityIrish
Brandon High spiritedChristianityEnglish
Brantley ProudChristianityEnglish
Braxton SafeChristianityEnglish
Brayan NobleChristianityGaelic
Brayden A form of bradenChristianityEnglish
Braylen Broad valleyChristianityAmerican
Braylon HillChristianityAmerican
Brecken Little freckled oneChristianityIrish
Brendan ArmedChristianityIrish
Brennan PensiveChristianityEnglish
Brian Strong man of honorChristianityIrish
Briar BramblesChristianityEnglish
Bridger Lives near a bridgeChristianityEnglish
Briggs BridgesChristianityEnglish
Brixton The stone of BrixiChristianityEnglish
Brock ForcefulChristianityEnglish
Brodie BuilderChristianityIrish
Bronson Brown’s sonChristianityEnglish
Brooks EasygoingChristianityEnglish
Bruce ComplicatedChristianityFrench
Bruno Brown skinnedChristianityGerman
Bryan StrongChristianityIrish
Bryant HonestChristianityIrish
Bryce HappyChristianityFrench
Brycen Son of briceChristianityEnglish
Bryson SmartChristianityWelsh
Byron BarnChristianityEnglish

Baby boy names starting with B are a letter that exudes confidence and boldness, making them a popular choice for baby names.

Our collection of “B” names offers a wide range of options, from timeless classics like Benjamin and Beatrice to modern choices like Brielle and Brayden. We also have culturally rich names like Bhanu and Bianca that weave stories of heritage and diversity.

Our collection has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a name that exudes strength, sweetness, or a harmonious blend of both. Each name has a unique meaning, telling tales of bravery, brilliance, and boundless love.

With origins ranging from biblical to global inspirations, our database is a treasure trove of options to suit every taste and preference.

We are committed to guiding you at every stage. If there are any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are pleased to offer our assistance without delay. 

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