Abraham – Baby Name Meaning, Religion And Origin


Definition & Meaning:

The name “Abraham” originates from Hebrew and is often interpreted to mean “Father of Many” or “Father of a Multitude.” This meaning is derived from the combination of two Hebrew elements: “av,” which means “father,” and “hamon,” which means “multitude” or “many.”


Abraham holds great significance in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the Bible, he is considered the patriarch of the Israelites and is renowned for his unwavering faith in God. His story plays a vital role in the narrative of Genesis, as he leaves his homeland to follow God’s command and is promised by God to be the father of many nations.

In Christianity, Abraham is seen as a model of faith, and his story is referenced in the New Testament. In Islam, Abraham (or Ibrahim in Arabic) is regarded as a prophet, and his story is also present in the Quran.


The name Abraham has its roots in Hebrew and is one of the oldest names mentioned in the Bible. It is widely used in various cultures worldwide, and there are variations of the name in different languages. The popularity and usage of this name extend beyond religious contexts.


Abraham has maintained its popularity throughout history and continues to be a well-liked name in diverse cultures. Its timeless quality and historical significance contribute to its enduring appeal.


The name Abraham has variations in different languages, such as:

  • Spanish: Abraham
  • French: Abraham
  • German: Abraham
  • Italian: Abramo

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