Abdullah – Baby Name Meaning, Religion And Origin 


Definition & Meaning:

The name “Abdullah” originates from Arabic and is made up of two components: “Abd,” which means “Servant” or “Slave,” and “Allah,” the Arabic term for “God.” Consequently, Abdullah translates to “Servant of God” or “Slave of Allah.”


Abdullah holds great religious significance in Islam. Within Islamic tradition, it is regarded as a noble and virtuous name as it embodies the idea of being a devoted servant or worshipper of Allah, emphasizing submission and humility towards God. Many individuals in the Muslim world bear the name Abdullah, making it a common name among Muslims.


Abdullah has its roots in Arabic and is widely used in Arabic-speaking countries as well as among Muslim communities worldwide. It possesses a profound cultural and religious heritage deeply intertwined with the Islamic faith.


Abdullah is a popular name among Muslims, transcending beyond Arabic-speaking regions. It is chosen for its strong religious and cultural connotations, and its popularity has endured throughout centuries.


The name Abdullah does not have significant variations, as it is a straightforward and classical name. The name itself reflects the concept of servitude to God, which is a central theme in Islam.

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