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By contacting HisNets and telling us about your interest in helping us to distribute mosquito nets to the most needy people at high risk of malaria in the world, we can provide you with information concerning upcoming HisNets distribution projects. You can then select individual projects – including villages or clinics – where net distributions are planned and decide which locations and how many nets that you (or your family, church group, etc.) would like to provide.

If, and when, you are interested in becoming involved and want to set a net “goal” or actually purchase nets for a designated target population, HisNets will “lock in” your commitment and you will be considered a supporting member of the HisNets Team performing that particular distribution project. You will be kept informed via project updates and progress reports – including photos of the families receiving the nets that you – or your group, provided.


HisNets does not consider itself to be a, solely, “faith-based” organization in the common use of that term, because our desire to involve U.S. and world communities at large in our net distribution programs. We have and will continue to partner with any community-based organization or religious denomination that wants to be of assistance in our passion to prevent malaria.

An organization could decide to sponsor the distribution of nets to a whole village or sponsor an entire HisNets project in a particular country. The sponsoring organization could either provide all the nets for the project, provide the travel costs of the HisNets distribution team or both – OR, the organization could actually participate in the project by accompanying the HisNets team on the net distribution project. HisNets team members from previous net distribution projects are being trained to lead other organizations on some of the projects.

The “bottom line” for participating organizations is that, regardless of the degree of participation, HisNets will provide the technical advice, assistance, logistics, etc. up to and including project leadership for the complete net distribution project.

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