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What's the buzz?

by T Thomas

I often am asked about new drug trials regarding malaria.  While there is some promising news, unfortunately these trials are in their early stages and are showing limited results.  And there always seems to be some bad news.
You may be surprised to learn that malaria kills nearly a million people a year.  So what makes it such an effective killer?  British scientist may have found part of the answer.  Check out this story from the BBC.


A new strain of malaria has been identified in Southeast Asia that has the malaria experts on their heels.  If it spreads to India and Africa, this drug-resistant variety would prove fatal to millions of additional victims. Please take a moment to look at this story.   Click the link to read more Newsweek – Drug-Resistant Malaria Outbreak is a ‘Huge Threat’

Malaria Facts

  • One third of the malaria deaths in the world occur in Nigeria. (Source: USAid report).
  • About 3.2 billion people – almost half of the world’s population- are at risk of malaria.