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Fighting Malaria One Net at a Time

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For the last ten years we have dedicated ourselves to “fighting malaria one net at a time” in Africa and around the world. And thanks to people like you, we have distributed over 125,000 nets in more than 20 countries. This has likely saved more than 250,000 lives.

As the co-founder and president of HisNets, I know first-hand the devastation that malaria can bring. While living in West Africa our oldest daughter contracted one of the deadliest strains and nearly died.

Since then I have dedicated myself to fighting this diesease which continues to affect hundreds of millions each year. In northern Ghana, where I recently distributed insecticide treated nets, one child in two dies of malaria before the age of 7!

Despite all of the current research and medical trials, malaria remains one of the number one killers, especially in Africa. But according to the World Health Organization, insecticide treated bed nets are still the most effiecient way to fight the disease.

Would you join us in fighting malaria? For around eight dollars (the price of dinner out or a movie) you can save a life and protect an entire family for years. Become a HisNets partner today by donating via PayPal (see Donate link at the top of the page) or send a check to HisNets at:

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As Mother Teresa once said, we cannot all do great things, but we can do one small thing with great love! Thank you for becoming a HisNets partner and remember, all gifts are tax deductible.

With great appreciation,

T Thomas

HisNets, Inc

Fighting Malaria One Net At A Time!